07.08.09 @ 10:11:12 am

elizabeth kartchner is one of my most favorite scrapbookers (you can catch her "dear lizzy" column in creating keepsakes magazine). i love to read her blog (http://www.elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/) and am always inspired by her great sense of style and cute eclectic projects...plus, i am pretty sure i listen to her playlist at least once a week as we have very similar taste in music. she issued a challenge of "what will you be doing" at 789101112 ---this is what i was doing---

yoga. after driving 1,865 miles in a little over a week, my muscles screamed through 90 minutes of yoga...i feel so much better now, my hamstrings can fully extend again. loves it! --side note--doing yoga in an rv is a challenge of its own--

as to other randomness--split pea soup on the stove for lunch (we will see how many other people love it besides me) with homemade bread from last night...gotta finish putting away the rest of our stuff...make oatmeal raisin cookies...and hopefully get started on a project this afternoon before dinner.
....oh, p.s.--thunderstorms forecasted for all afternoon and early evening--and we had some of the same last night--woke me up around 3am...loving the rain and so is the garden, which looks quite perky this morning....