right now--

* watching "my big fat greek wedding"
* smelling fresh baked bread
* working on the menu for next week
* waiting for jon to get home from moving bees
* happy that i have a working computer again
* blessed with great family --thanks dad for the advice and mom for the yummies that she sent...
must get the recipe for fabulous oatmeal chocolate caramel bar things-craving one this instant
*fending off blood thirsty mosquitos and other crazy insects/bugs
*thankful that there haven't been any storms for two days, after 5 days in row...is it summer now?
*loving this time in montana with my husband --storms and all
*hearing my precious pooch sleep after playing w/ her ball for 14 hours today...she hardly
stopped to eat or drink--couldn't resist snapping these photos as we laughed at ms. crazy pants:

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