yesterday and today...

yesterday i..

-was going to post this but had internet problems
-made bread
-cleaned the trailer
-did laundry
-watched too many episodes of NCSI and CSI
-ate delicious cottage cheese loaf and homemade mashed potatoes
-walked around the lake with jon, lulu, and mom
-decided i might soon be a candidate for carpal tunnel syndrome
-watched "fargo" with jon, while blogging (not my fav, but we are thinking of heading over the border to hear the accents for real)
-talked with my dad -- i think he's just great
- gave lulu a bath (actually jon did this --does it count that i dried her off)
-found a great project that i am hoping to complete tomorrow:
-was bitten by a mosquito on my cheek
-listened to the music of the crickets outside my trailer
-am thankful for my beautiful sister-in-law


- i made these:


- i am going to make hummus and tabouli salad...and probably a crock pot full of chili
-do a little more cleaning
- hopefully make my blank book
-work on my continuing education credits
-share this fun video with you that i watched this morning: Power Shift Sydney Flash Dance ---ohhh...i want to be in australia again...just a few years ago i was at the opera house and wandering the streets of sydney-- BuT, since i can't be there right now, i will watch the video again and pretend i am sitting on the sidelines cheering on the university students as they dance for global climate awareness, action, and renewable energy.

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