honey, csi, and medora

good gracious...i was all ready to post on sunday night and then...well, i don't remember what happened, but apparently it was more important than writing. today was our first day of extracting! hooray for seeing the honey flow!! it was also the day for thunderstorms and cool weather...i wore a sweatshirt today, i bet you didn't :) jon and i fertilized the garden this afternoon. lulu's newest joy is running to the neighbors unoccupied property and cornering animals under their back porch. anyone need a new dog? i'll deliver.
let's see...i got to talk to my bestest friend last night, that was pretty fabulous. this last weekend we had company, dakota's mom and sister (vera and kira), came to visit us. we had a good time showing them around the town and bee operation. on saturday, we drove to medora, north dakota -- north dakota's #1 vacation destination, wouldn't ya know... home to the badlands and theodore roosevelt national park. also, it was the national day of the american cowboy -- we were able to see a shoot-out, eat some amazing pizza, tour the Chateau de Mores (where we listened to a living history presentation from Medora - the towns namesake), wander around town finding tasty treats --ice cream, fresh pulled salt water taffy, homemade fudge, and finished off the day by stopping by dairy queen in beach, nd. i really didn't have any room left in my tummy, it was sooo full of pizza, but who can resist the most adorable ice cream cones eVeR -- the "baby" cone. i haven't seen them anywhere else but here, and every year i just have to have one, or maybe two...they remind me of australia mCdonald's version of the baby cone - yummy vanilla ice cream cone goodness.
we are on a CSI marathon in this trailer. we are watching season seven and totally enthralled with
the "model maker." yes, i am convinced that watching so many hours of csi in a row is not good for restful sleep, however i, along with the rest of our trailer inhabitants, have an addiciton. oh, and to think that there is also miami csi and new york csi...oh and kira left her season 3 of psych ---ahhhhhh, we must sleep at some point in order to survive. uh-oh - better finish this up --grissom just returned and is about to find the next model...

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