...ta da...a month later...

i never did come back and tell all about our trip to arizona. now that it's a month later i am sure you are all just itching to hear all about it. we had a great time. the end.

seriously--na... we did have a fabulous time. however, it did seem to be the trip for jinxed flights between walla walla and seattle. we boarded on friday morning in walla walla and headed through the foggy weather to seattle. we began our descent and everything seemed good, then all of the sudden we are rushing back up in the air --this is the captain speaking, obviously we were unable to land in seattle, we have enough fuel to go back and give it one more try then we will have to land elsewhere and refuel. ... so we try again and i can look out the window and see the runway, whoops, here we go again...back up in the air -- off we go to bellingham to refuel--lucky us, the fog had cleared up and we were able to land with out a problem. well, we landed after we were already supposed to have boarded our plane to phoenix, but decided to try and make it. so i go running ahead of jode towards the gate, hearing them issue our last call for boarding passengers jode and sierra ---the attendant was just ready to close the door as i came to the gate. onto the plane we go with a big sigh of relief.

- landed in phoenix, met up with fabulous sister-in-law, julie

- had relaxing spa treatments at the historic arizona biltmore hotel

- drove to sedona, where we found our hotel, slept deeply, and awoke to an amazing view outside of our room

- ate breakfast al fresco while enjoying the said amazing view

- took a two hour jeep ride up the rim and back with our guide, cowboy mike --which was quite the experience in more ways than one...my favorite highlights of the trip -- when mike asking nurse julie to give him 10 reasons why he shouldn't smoke (which he apparently does like a chimmney), and his favorite saying while taking tourist's pictures "smile damn it"

- ate at little vegan deli, D'lish, where i introduced jode and julie to "raw" cuisine in the form of chocolate pie - it was pretty good, non comparable to a cooked pie, but still good for having all uncooked ingredients

- drove to tucson, with a quick stop at chapel of the holy cross. ate a delicious bean burrito from a local eatery, arrived at hotel and talked to relatives.

- woke up and had breakfast at ihop with the bride and other family

- visited amazing san xavier del bac mission, located outside of tucson, just loved it, and the fresh cinnamon sugar fry bread that julie and i shared

- attended cousin elizabeth's lovely wedding and socialized with many family members that i had never met before - - fun times. also fun, elizabeth held her reception at a local museum which we were able to tour while there

- stopped at taco stand (that we had previously passed four times and always wanted to stop ) on our way out of town-- it was divine

- arrived at phoenix airport, flew to seattle, arrived in seattle only to be told that the plane was needing repairs and was now delayed --- 30 minutes later -- delayed again, and may need a new aircraft - hour later - plane is fixed and we are on our way - arriving safely in walla walla

so, fun times in arizona, nice bonding with the family, and lucky us, beautiful weather to boot. instead of being blazing hot (it's june), we had nice 80's/low 90's --except for the last day in tuscon, when it was high 90's - all in all - i do not love love the desert, but i do love cacti and sedona and would go back in a heartbeat...next time i think i'll bring along the husband...

p.s. -- i played with the text on this post too many times and can't get it to stop being retarded, it's a mystery...

here are photos, if you like -- be forewarned, there are lots of scenery pictures:

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