10 things--i love weekends!

1. walking with jon and lulu around the lake past two days -- a great way to end the day. not too bad mosquito-wise either. lulu walks her "lulu pace" for awhile - a slow trot while smelling most everything within reach- then hurry up for a bit and slow back down for awhile - repeat cycle until see cute fluffy bunny rabbit run 2 feet in front - switch to run mode to catch peter rabbit - stop short and choke self while pulling jon's arm out of the socket (almost) as he is holding the leash. peter rabbit is safe to come back and play another day.

2. eating dinner tonight -- i made shepherds pie with warm scratch biscuits and crisp green salad. it was quite tasty. i could have kept eating bowl after bowl, however...

3. stopping by the biG K (equivalent of ice burg) on our walk tonight and sharing
a chocolate and vanilla swirl cone with my husband.

4. watching old movies --days of thunder, guarding tess, presumed innocent, ghostbusters, and a mini series called the buccaneers (a period piece --i'm watching it, not the boys) ---so great!--- which brings me to the fact that i have watched "because i said so" a ridiculous amount of times this week while working on my projects-- it's just "great" - love it-- along with "catch and release,"
"made of honor," 'the holiday" and "along came polly" -- all of which have kept me company while the boys play xbox

5. missing my dishwasher

6. clapping over the garden which, after two days of nice, hot sunshine, is starting to look alive. we have baby cantaloupe, lettuce, and radish sprouts!! uber cute! so far only the bugs are eating the plants and not too much -- peter rabbit must not like getting chased by miss lulu

7. thinking i will make this tomorrow: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/strawberry-cream-cake?backto=true

8. loving that i found my cd's with most of my 2008 pictures, after almost being reduced to tears over the prospect of lost photo's...

9. coveting (still) the new regina spektor album "far"---i want i want i want--- http://www.reginaspektor.com/

10. feeling like it isn't really summer... since the weather has been in the 64-82 range for the past two weeks with storms and rain for half of that...until today, when it jumped to 94 degrees -- torture after the cool weather-- tomorrow is supposed to be 80 again...maybe it will stay there

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