clap for clover + fluffy & puffy

we clap for clover, actually, we not only clap, but we oooohhhh and ahhhh, sigh and sing for clover. it isn't sugar plums, but fields of clover that dance in our heads. this was a field (some of our bees live there right now) in north dakota that we stopped and jumped for joy at on our road trip yesterday. yep, here in north dakota and montana we think our clover is pretty sweet this year, just like the honey our lil' bees create from it...(also saw that wyoming and south dakota have some lovely clover...we covet...secretly of course...don't tell north dakota & montana...)

it's officially the weekend and we are glad. to kick off friday night we had our traditional friday night burgers, homemade veggieburgers this week, and fresh potato salad...try as i might it never quite comes out just like jon's moms...oh well, it was still tasty. yesterday, jon and i went with his parents to rapid city, south dakota (about 3 hours away). our mission was to buy an excessive amount of peanut oil to put in a machine in the warehouse. this was accomplished at the local "sam's club"...i hadn't been to one before, it is the walmart version of costco. i like costco better, but it was fun to stroll around. every year we make at least one trip over to rapid city--usually to see mt. rushmore and toodle around the black hills. it is so beautiful, you just want to breathe it in. we ate lunch at the bay leaf cafe (http://www.bayleafcafe.net/) in spearfish. it is tradition. the best vegetarian food for a long while...and cute to boot (added bonus is the bakery next door where i picked up an adorable chocolate cupcake and jon had a huge rice krispy treat). on our way out of town we ate dinner at fuddruckers, one of my favorite burger chains. lucky me, i got to watch most of the storms, instead of be in them, driving back. yipee...only got me a little rain shower and watched the lightening show from a distance...it gets even better as there were no storms last night, or today, or in tomorrows forecast. what a lovely way to start the weekend... here are some pics from wednesday afternoon. it was an amazing 360 degrees of fluffy, puffy (and insanely large) white clouds---wish you could have seen them it was a sight...

p.s. i didn't win the drawing, but lizzy K chose my 07.08.09 photo to be in her collage on today's post...kind of fun to see my pic on someone else's blog:(http://elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/2009/07/group-hug.html)

such a fun game, hope to play it again soon!

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