a busy day at the hive

we are on our second day of bringing in boxes full of honey. jon and joe have been finishing up in the warehouse and we should be ready to start extracting bright and early on sunday morning. today i also accomplished a lot... almost finished my education credits and finished researching insurance plans --now ready to switch to a new plan before my higher rates kick in next month --so excited to save some money, but still feel like i have great coverage!

as i type:

- the sun is beginning to set and the freshly cut field looks golden
- the boys are putting the honey boxes in the warehouse
- lulu is napping in her crate
- i am listening to zee avi 's song "honey bee" --so in love with her music!
- my stomach is growling-- ready to go out to eat in town with the crew- hooray no dinner dishes
- anticipating a great day tomorrow when we visit medora, north dakota -- stay tuned

wishing you a fantastic weekend! what are you going to do??

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