it's almost wednesday...

hooray for the hubby coming home tomorrow!!

leaving for the weekend is always great -- it's the coming back that is a little harder ... like the 300+ posts in my reader, the menu that needs planned, the laundry that needs done, the mail to go through, bags to unpack...however, i really don't mind all of that -- the only really daunting task is my reader and it might be as easy as clicking the "mark all read" button...

my road trip with the girls was fantastic.  we had a great time.  i don't really know how it works to spend 28 out of 48 hours in a car and still have it be on the really relaxing side -- i think it is the friends.  i have the best friends.  don't you?  we sit around the house and just chat and enjoy each others company(seriously, we didn't even watch a movie).  this trip centered around our new love -- baby sienna -- she is the sweetest.  when we weren't watching and playing with the baby, we looked at decorating books, read a books, talked about gardening and looked at the seed catalog, chatted about all things, and walked the loop through the vineyards...oh, and ate -- it was definitely a snacking trip.

one of my favorite things about these trips to california is the stimulating conversation -- while i am the first to say that i prefer to not focus all of my thoughts on tough issues, i do like to discuss and find encouragement for growth and action.  for example:  our friends have been eating mostly all organic for the past couple of years.  they are members of (and do most of their shopping) at their local co-op and farmers market.  i find this quite inspiring  (action step, i visited my local co-op today).  this trip, our discussions centered on fair -trade, child trafficking, where does your food come from?  how safe is it?  should you drink homogenized milk (action step-- i bought local organic non-homogenized milk at the co-op)?  it makes my head spin...that's why i came up with the 5 minute rule -- 5 minutes to think about it, dwell on it, solve it, or make an action step -- then move on with life.  we can't fix all things, but we can make a difference.  i want to enjoy my life to the fullest and yet also strive to live a healthy, earth friendly- people friendly version.

over the next few weeks i am going to be:
*living local
*living creatively
*living with intent

looking for an action steP?:
tomorrow begins the beginning of the 40 day challenge -- blood: water mission -- can you go forty days only drinking water?  take up the challenge -- drink only water for 40 days and donate the money you would normally spend on other beverages to support water projects in uganda.

and a few pictures from the trip
what's a road trip with out a stop at Trader Joe's and a box of truffles?

isn't she precious?  just love love love her...

our trip wouldn't be complete with out a trip to the co-op

thank you chris for cooking for us -- it was amazing as usual -- especially the pizza

self-timer pictures at the gas station are fun...especially when you think it already took the picture and then realize it didn't...

and last -- my picture of the day -- tonights craft project -- all i can do is laugh at myself and be glad no one was here to witness my glue disaster except for the roommates

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