it must be time for bed...

--i forgot to upload my photos earlier and i am just not motivated to do it right now -- only a word picture tonight--
-this morning i woke up at 4:18am--and could not go back to sleep
-i cleaned, i ran errands, i went to work
-tonight i met up with some of my dear friends at our favorite starbucks for some long overdue girl time -- we talked so much and so fast that we couldn't believe it had only been 45 minutes when we looked down at our watches
-productive morning = lazy evening
-spaghetti, salad, "a good year", and fresh baked "inside out" cookies (chocolate cookies w/ white chocolate chips - and we threw in some milk chocolate chips too!)

-now i am beyond ready for bed and some sleep - today was the 3rd day that i have had less than 8 hours of sleep a night -- crankiness is imminent (since finishing college, less than 8 hours is not an option on a regular basis)

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