who let me... (and my first giveaway!)

play with photo booth?

mirror mirror on the wall --- who's the fairest of them all??  me playing with photo booth of course!  heehehe -- oh sometimes you just need something to make you smile when the world is pounding on your head.

hope your weekend is lovely and relaxing.  i plan on not doing anything for at least 27 hours...

by the way -- i am wearing my simply lavender neck pillow -- it is from PartyLite and i love it oh so much, especially when i need to soothe away aches, pains, and stress -- throw a party, and earn one for free -- i know a great consultant if you need one (just let me know i will get you the contact info)...  seriously - if you love great, cleans up off the carpet, smells amazing, looks amazing, plus burns to the very last drop at a wax temperature that won't hurt your skin candles, or quality candle holders, or a great line of home spa products, PartyLite products are hard to beat, not to mention their hostess rewards program is the best -- maybe sometime i will show you a picture of my candle closet...maybe...

not sure if you believe me, or just want to get a cute little package in the mail?
i am going to give away 1 gift bag full of PartyLite goodies-- here's what you need to do to win:

1. leave a comment telling how you soothe away your stress or which PartyLite product is your favorite
2. if you haven't already, subscribe to our blog! (note: if you subscribe through your email - make sure you click on the link they email you to confirm the subscription)

winner will be chosen at random on monday morning (or by default if you are the only one who leaves a comment... :))


  1. I love to relax by going for a long walk with Jack, digging in my garden, sitting in a hot bath with a lovely glass of wine or snuggling under my favorite throw with a good book. Have a beautiful weekend and it's so great that you are doing a giveaway!

  2. I like the pomogranate candle scent and enjoy relaxing with a good cuddle with my hubby.

  3. Always up for a great freebie!! I purchased a set of party lite candles a year ago, can't even tell you what the sent was...maybe a vanilla amber mix. i'm hoping you can help me! i loved the scent! my favorite way to wind down and relax is to have music playing and candles lit. and since i like the peaceful feeling all the time, i almost always do that when i am home.

  4. I love a hot bubble bath with lavender candles burning! I love party lite candles too!!!! My favorite candles??? Hmmmm you should be asking which ones I don't like! Wait I love them all!!!!

    Enjoy! Love your blog!