right now--

-watching ice dancing -- yes, i do love it most of the time - especially the davis/white team this year
-taxes - they are such fun that i want to have someone else do them--maybe they want to pay them for me too?
-smelling some sort of divine just desserts three wick by partylite --  you can still enter the giveaway
- excited for my sister -- she found her wedding dress today -- really... my little sister is getting married!!!
-sleepy - so tired tonight -- it was a great weekend, but can we have one more day again?
-missing my husband already -- love how he was home for a couple days and then left again -- bright side-- he'll be back again in a few days -- welcome to the life of a beekeeper's wife

i caught up on some pictures from this last week...

jet lagged -- but back in his own bed

thursday night two of my friends and i went to Misbehaven Spa & Salon's Bare Minerals Event. 
it was great fun, and educational, to watch and listen to the Bare Escentuals makeup artist and to have a color match and personal make up session.  personally, i would prefer to not have to wear make up, however, genetics have blessed me with a daily need for concealer and a little mascara doesn't hurt.  i have been using the bare minerals line for the past few months and, after getting used to a new technique, i am completely in love with the products.  my favorite part is that their foundation is all natural and includes sun protection, plus, it feels weightless and takes me less than 5 minutes to put on.

aren't they silly -- sleeping together in bridger's crate

ever since my california trip last weekend, all i want to eat is homemade pizza -- saturday night we made some -- organic olive oil & basil spaghetti sauce, pesto, mushrooms, onions, and mozzarella&ricotta cheeses.  it was amazing -- even burning hot (which it was as we were eating it in the car on our way to go see shutter island and valentine's day)

today kim and i headed out to her aunts house for a day of scrapbooking.  it was lovely and distraction free.  she even fed us her favorite soup recipe and toast with homemade grape jelly...oh and maybe a funfetti cake (her grandson is visiting).  i was able to complete my fall book (finally, minus adding ribbon...), and two of my friends wedding layouts, along with another layout -- happiness.

--now it is past my bedtime, but i was able to watch some great olympic moments, catch up on a few things, and .... lose all my coherent thoughts because i am too tired...whoops.

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