party night

thursday nights are party night at our house -- especially when all the roommates are home.  tonight we had our homemade pizza again -- pesto, garlic, red sauce, ricotta cheese, onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella... to balance it out -- we had our vegetables in liquid form.  kim made fresh juice for us - beets, carrots, celery, and apple.  we laugh at the irony of our food choices.  now my tummy is full full full.  on tuesday night we started watching the first season of grey's anatomy.  the roommies aren't acquainted with our friends at seattle grace -- we had to remedy the problem... and... thursday nights are also survivor nights!  i haven't watched survivor since -- well a long long time ago -- but this season is good -- heros vs. villains... missing stephanie and loving boston rob -- and how interesting is russell??... 

who's happy it's friday tomorrow?  me me me!

this has been a great week, and a long one.  tonight we had a spaghetti feed & science night at work for all the kids and their families.  i love the chance to get to know parents just a little bit better, and the kids have a great time with the activities.  one of mine was cornstarch&water goop -- i love it, it amuses me greatly.  today was not a sitting down day -- i am pretty sure that i only sat for about 65 minutes total between the hours of 6:45am-6:30pm -- guess what i'm doing right now...

jon kept letting lulu up on the couch with him tonight -- i think i made enough noise about it because they are both on the floor now....

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