just two--or three

here is my picture from thursday -- which happens to be the last time i posted --

pink playdough is a-a-mAzinG

i spent friday and saturday with the husband - we had a lovely time just hanging out, having lunch with the family and watching our favorite shows - grey's anatomy & private practice
then we had a not-so-fabulous-but-still-exciting-time packing his suitcases for his safari
sunday morning i left him at the airport -- as of this morning, he is safely in africa
the rest of sunday was spent re-arranging the living room--e-gads--it was a lot of work -- 
lots of windows (to avoid placing furniture in front of + multiple pieces of furniture = lots of failed attempts to finally get a working one)
then came the superbowl, nachos with homemade pico de gallo, and decorating for valentines --which brings me to todays picture

this is saturday's picture -- it is jon's first stop on his trip and where he might be right now

sunday's picture will have to come later as i haven't uploaded from that camera yet--
i won't be posting as much this week -- too many things that i want to get done before i head out to go see my favorite kari+chris+sienna -- so eXciTed!!

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