two for tuesday

sometimes we just leave it for awhile
instead you exercise + chat with your roommates
instead you watch "harry potter and the half-blood prince"
instead you surf the net and blog
instead you eat little dark chocolate hershey kisses in pretty purple wrapping

due to being absent this weekend and the busy of monday - i didn't get to posting my menu -- and i haven't had time to plan other than a quick scribble -- welcome to the real world -- but i still thought i would share our rough menu for the week-- lunches right now are left overs + pb&J -- breakfast - smoothies&oatmeal--dinners:

monday - slow cooked lentil soup with kale, quinoa, and whole wheat toast
tuesday - slow cooked enchilada pie + cilantro, guacamole + chips
wednesday - whole wheat spaghetti + marinara sauce +roasted garlic, salad
thursday - pizza night
friday - baked potatoes w/ chili,  broccoli
saturday - vegetarian meatloaf, roasted parsnips + brussel sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes

leave a comment if you would like the recipes from this weeks menu

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