candle closet, a winner and food chewing

well, i didn't take a picture earlier, so---  i might have to show you a picture of my "candle closet"
yes.  it is messy, but organized.  yes, it is a catch-all for random decorating & entertaining items ....totally getting side tracked by "couples retreat"   -- back to the closet -- yes it is 85% filled with partylite products...  did i mention that i worked for a partylite consultant for a year and a half, and that my mom was a consultant at one point too...however, most of my items were earned by hosting parties  (which is my favorite because i love love having everyone over to socialize), and also bought while socializing at friends parties... i switch out my holders every month or so, and kim and i burn candles almost every night -- it is a well- used closet... i cleaned it out last month, but guess i could have straightened it up before i took the picture--then it wouldn't be "real life" would it --

and now, the winner of the candle giveaway is.... (from random.org)  Tiffani!

Tiffani said...

I love a hot bubble bath with lavender candles burning! I love party lite candles too!!!! My favorite candles??? Hmmmm you should be asking which ones I don't like! Wait I love them all!!!!

tiffani, make sure i have your current address so i can send you your package!
in other news, jon is in california right now -- apparently it wasn't a good day for the truck --  -- i can't remember the whole story he told me, but it involved the 4-wheeler, the fork lift, a dented tail gate, a broken strap and a broken back window -- hopefully the rest of his day went better, for his sake and the truck. 
lulu threw up this morning, luckily outside, now she is chewing on her foot -- she gets a little obsessive about it at random times...

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  1. Sweet! I am so excited I won! I do believe you have me beat with the candle closet!!!! I love it! Todd is making me burn my supply up before I have another party! Dang Him! OH well I won't tell him about the suprise that is coming. You should have our address (we got the Christmas Cards). Thanks.