the tuesday that was really a monday...

tonight i am watching last nights episode -- even though i already saw the headlines -- i still have hope

tonight i saw this girl -- i like her a lot -- and i like this picture a lot - and yes, i know it is blurry

tonight i would like to have a milk&cookies party 

today was a "monday" in disguise
- my lower back was in pain all morning -- thank you sunday
-i seem to have misplaced my paycheck--somewhere--i will probably find it sometime (ihope)
-i paid bills
-in a hurry this morning, i thought i grabbed my 2 lunch containers out of the fridge this morning and put them in my book bag to take to work -- but really i only happened to grab 1 of them--the other, which i found out 2 hours later-- was the container of pico de gallo, which was not solid (and wouldn't spill like my real lunch container ), which leaked into my book bag onto catalogs and library books (luckily just the bottom of edge of two of them-- thank goodness i had junk mail in there) and then through the bag and onto the leather seat -- maybe jon won't notice the salsa smell when he gets back??
-i hung up on my husband 22 seconds into our phone call -- did i mention that he was calling me from a hotel in africa at $5 a minute?? -- luckily he called me back for another minute (he saw a giraffe today--in the wild!)
-quite short staffed at work this afternoon (4 people out sick) = a hectic beginning of the afternoon - thank goodness for ice age 3 --  and many happy 6 year olds
-my eggs weren't poached hard at breakfast this morning -- just say no to runny eggs

there were some really great things about today
-i had breakfast with one of my favorite people
-breakfast was delicious - minus the semi-runny yokes that i took out and put on the side of my plate
-i got to talk with my husband!!
-i watched ice age 3  while coloring with fantastic 6 year olds
-i talked with my mom and my sister - i like them
-i am going to bed before 9 o'clock
-i am alive, healthy, blessed

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