la la la love day - at our house

*i am packing-- or am supposed to be-- to leave in the morning to see my favorite kari, chris, &sienna baby...road trips with your best girls are...simply the best -- not to mention the in-and-out stops--
*i am watching survivor -- i am addicted -- i haven't watched since the last hero's vs. villains or whatever it was -  how long ago was that? -- now--completely enthralled, completely

on sunday, after rearranging the living room, we decided we should make it a little more pink for the holiday -- into the craft room i went to see what i could come up with -- i spent an hour and a grand total of $2 -- keeping it simple this year

the banner is from house of three: valentines banner printable kit

here is the picture from sunday --  rearranging/spring cleaning

i got an email from jon today -- he is having a fabulous time -- i miss him.  last night i was looking through some of our wedding pictures...what a great day it was with my best boy. i sure like him a lot...

photos were taken by kimberly miner -- she is amazing and has a wonderful way of viewing the little things, and the big too -- check her out at kimberly ink

i am off for a few days to have a lovely time -- hope your long weekend is wonderful as well!!

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