get your green on... + a GIVEAWAY

are you friends with your blender?
if you've answered "no" to this question, it might be time to reconsider -- just sayin'---

two years ago i did a lot of juicing -- it was great -- i love fresh juice  -- this last year i made a lot of fruit smoothies -- they are great -- i love fresh smoothies made from our local fruit that we froze during the summer -- this year i am in love with green smoothies -- they are really great for a variety of reasons...

1. fast breakfast
2. fiber-full
3. pretty tasty goodness-- unless you have a lot of arugula going on and then they might be just tasty goodness
4. highly nutritious
5. dark leafy greens - need i say more?  maybe -- these are powerhouses of nutrients and disease fighting goodness -- a key ingredient to a healthy energetic young body that most all of us don't eat enough of

this fall i realized that my next step to good health was increasing my veggie intake -- being the slightly lazy one that i am -- i looked for the easiest ways to do that -- sneaky little ways of boosting that don't take much time or energy.  smoothies are a great way to get all those raw nutrients in fun deliciousness.

you should try it -- i'm making it easy for you by providing 3 similar, but different green smoothie recipes to get you started.  if you need to make your smoothie a more complete meal, throw in a scoop of protein powder -- my favorites are hemp and pea, but there is a variety to choose from to suit every body.

**i have a vita mix -- which is one of the great joys of my life, but i know that a regular blender will work also -- it may just take a bit more work if you use a lot of frozen or get too thick**

i don't usually use a recipe (but i love to use recipes) -- i kind of toss whatever --usually a 3-4 of the following -- pear apple orange grapefruit banana blueberries raspberries pineapple peaches strawberries cabbage lettuce kale spinach chard spring mix --whatever is on hand, in season, or in the freezer -- i kind of like the trial and error and have only had one major yucky tasting disaster.

also -- it's good to remember that green and red make brown -- sometimes your smoothie might look like something you might not normally drink depending on your food color and combinations...  don't be worried -- it usually tastes much much better than it looks...

**if you decide to become a green smoothie maniac -- it might be good to look into some fun books:

my most favorite juicing and smoothie book ever - i have liked almost every single recipe, my pages are tattered and splattered -- i have given it as a gift to several people and it's my first and highest recommendation for a great all around juice and smoothie book -- the emphasis isn't on green, but there are a fair amount and lots of fruity goodness -- get it -- use it!

 i borrowed this one from my mom, but haven't done too many since i usually forget to use a recipe most of the time  - the author is definitely a green green green smoothie maniac :) -- she uses greens i don't think i've even seen before -- but she has a beginner and a kids smoothie section to get you started so don't be too scared...

and now the recipes

3. Bob Harper's Green Drink -- a good one for ideas on adding supplements to your smoothie

also -- to make your smoothie experience even more enjoyable (and convenient) i recommend a straw - even better a great portable container with a straw like this one:
my precious and fun "to-go" cups

i now own three -- i just bought the venti size last month -- i use them almost every day because i try to juice or make a smoothie everyday and usually am running out the door with it -- as smoothies tend to grow easily in size (and i always make too much) -- i can usually pour one for the morning and then pour the other one to take for a snack or with my lunch at work...
i don't know if they still have them at starbucks (or you can find something similar and not from starbucks), but if they don't now, they probably will this spring with the return of the iced drinks -- friendly tip:  wash them out right away so gunk doesn't stay in the straw or buy a straw cleaner -- i bought a camelbak one and use the tiny end -- it works great.

ok --  go forth and get your greens -- and let me know how it goes -- in fact -- in honor of the new year and my great desire to see the world obsessed and drinking good for you green smoothies -- i am prepared to bribe you with a GIVEAWAY:

i will send the lucky winner a copy of my favorite book:

here's what you need to do:

1. leave a comment telling me about which green smoothie recipe you are most excited about and why - or if you are just not excited about this smoothie business and why 

2. extra credit -- get someone else to get their green on :) -- pass it on  and/or  subscribe to my blog -- don't forget to confirm if you enter your email address or it won't work 

winner will be chosen in one week -- on tuesday, january 18th


  1. ok! you've inspired me to go make a green smoothie . . . today!!! i have been adding spinach secretly to my blueberry smoothies, but I am kinda stoked to get more adventurous with it! Yay for drinking our fruits and veggies!! p.s. I have that starbucks cup too, and I'm not sure why, but I love it so much! :)

  2. does family count? we made one with frozen grapefruit, frozen orange and spinach and almond milk and apples-it was so good Kaitlin took it to school in a wide mouth pint jar for later in the day-getting ready to go make my own for a late lunch!

  3. I've been haunted by the thought I need to add veggies to my breakfast, and this might do the trick. That frothy kale, spinach and pear one looks pretty good.

    I think the only thing that would stop me from getting on the smoothie breakfast train is:
    • Bad news blender (maybe time for an upgrade)
    • Noise (so much clattering, grinding around doesn't sound like a pleasant way to start my day)
    • Time (it doesn't get much easier than a slice of homemade toast and a pear, my breakfast today)

    Those negative comments aside, maybe I'll still give the pear one a try on a night I'm just cooking for myself.

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. SO...Yummy Yummy Yummy, I've got love in my tummy...or at least I have a yummy smoothie in my tummy!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    I'm LOVING the delish way to include more of the big bag of Calcium packed Spinach I picked up from Costco...Mmmmm
    Tonights concoction: Fresh Orange, Banana, Blueberries, Spinach and FZ pineapple...can you say YUM n GREEN!?! Mmmmm.
    Inspired another? Yes, it seems so...I met Bill tonight who told me Trev whipped up countless smoothies Friday night for umpteen Univ students. YAY! What a great hang out beverage!

  5. Ok Karen a friend of mine got a nija for Xmas an she been playing around on Smothie fruit one.She wants to learn to make heathy one so she can lose weight healthy way. I want to learn becuse I'm poor eater an I love smothee but I want to learn to make health one. We didcide together to learn an to encouge each other. To New Heathly Year for both of us..