today -
--felt like monday all day -- because i didn't go to work yesterday
--jon's alarm went off at 3:30am  or was it 3:15?
--i went to the chiropractor again
--currently watching the biggest loser on hulu while surfing the net

--loving these links:

moving: transform your body 2011  -- great little workouts brought to you by women's health and a few favorite trainers -- including my ever most favorite bob and mandy  ---and tony too (much love for him after spending an hour a day with him for 90 days...bring it!)

p.s.  i have most of bob's dvd's and mandy's yogalosphy dvd and enjoy all of them immensely 

eating:  --thinking i want make this beautiful salad soon rainbow kale slaw

contemplating: vote for your thoughts  -- a great reminder on the power of our thoughts from one of my favorite sites

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