in short...

we had a good holiday.

the day after christmas

we spent several days at the coeur d'alene resort with jon's parents and toodled around spokane a bit -- doing things like visiting every sporting goods/outdoor store in the area.  
we started our very own christmas tradition -- christmas eve pajamas -- i'm wearing mine right now :)
we met two new cousins and one very adorable, little second cousin as we spent some time at grandpa's with the family.
we had a party every night with the roommates.
we had some friends over for new years eve and had delicious soups and bread, yummy yummy cheesecake and played games.
we brought in the new year to the tune of blasting fireworks and chattering teeth (it was like 20 degrees or less).

i pulled a muscle in my neck on thursday and experienced the joys of not being able to move it for a couple of days -- it is on the mend now but i don't recommend the experience.  
i watched braveheart all the way through for the first time -- or maybe the second and i just really don't remember parts of it?
i am going to bed now :0)

hope your holiday was lovely too.  more to come as life should be slowing down just a tad -- or maybe i will be dusting off my time management skills

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