it's a blueberry muffin kind of morning...

not to brag or anything -- but i slept really good last night.  8 hours of deeps sleep goodness in my snowflake flannel sheets and my christmas pajamas with lulu next to me -- lulu --who must have been tired too because she didn't change positions the whole night, therefore eliminating a paw in my face or pushing me off the bed... it was a good night.

this morning i woke up and walked out to greet the roommates -- with my eyes barely open -- only to see through my little eye slit that my roommate and best friend forever (seriously) was making blueberry muffins for breakfast.  everyone should have roommates that wake them on the weekend to fresh blueberry muffins... aren't you jealous?  you should be.
did i mention that they are in snowman liners??

so it's chai tea and hot, fresh, buttery blueberry muffin for me this morning... oh you're wondering about lulu --well she slept in an extra 25 minutes this morning, not even rousing when bridger jumped up on the bed and gave her a little shove with his nose -- nope -- she stayed in bed til she was good and ready to get up and come out and get loves from justin for 15 minutes before finally being ready to head outside and begin the day.

speaking of beginning the day -- i better get a move on as i'm supposed to be ready to leave for early church in 23 minutes.  yikes.  i'm still in my jammies!

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