the many faces of michael

this past sunday -- which seems like forever ago -- we headed outside and took some senior pictures of my not so little, little brother.  it was super-duper cloudy all day, and we were running late -- which of course was timed perfectly with the very bright sunshine deciding to make an appearance -- now a smart thing would have been to take pictures later and avoid all the glorious and squinty brightness -- but have you tried to "schedule" with your little brother before?  so, since we were all ready the picture taking commenced.  i'd say we ended up with some lovely photos of my dear brother.  he's not really into smiling that much -- mostly smirking i think-- generally followed by some harassment directed at his big sister...gotta love him

this one might be my favorite, just because it reminds me of when he was a very little boy

jon took this one

did i mention that we share the same birthday?
last year's fun - my sweet husband made our cake from scratch -- it was yum

it's been a busy week and now it's almost over. oh dear. or is it oh good?

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