weekend + giveaway

what a good weekend i had -- how was yours?

i went with two of my best girls to one of their timeshares at a resort in idaho -- it was beautiful -- surrounded by mountains that had some snow still clinging on and lots of trees.  we started out on friday night with a stop at my very favorite huckleberry's -- we had some great salads from the deli, pasta from the pasta bar and walked out with not one, but three desserts from the dessert case -- yes -- these girls know where it's at -- (just for the record, it wasn't my idea to get dessert, but it might have been my idea to try more than one... you know how hard it is to just choose one)  their juice bar juice of the day is one i am super excited to try -- pineapple, pear, and purple cabbage -- thinking i maybe try and make it to the grocery store and try it later this week -- speaking of juice -like substances -- i came home last night and found this fabulousness had arrived:

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i'll choose a winner tomorrow
p.s. this morning i had a great smoothie -- little apple, orange, grapefruit, little banana, lots of kale, some flax seed oil, hemp & pea protein

the rest of the weekend was great -- the resort completely makes me think of the movie "dirty dancing" --  big recreation center, classes, golf, meet and greets, etc.  the only thing it was missing was patrick swayze.  

i think ms. lulu cuddle-bug missed me -- this is us right now -- she's laying on my lap while i try and type on the laptop -- we have a pretty good system down 

don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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