sweet potatoes are my favorite -- + enter the Giveaway!

i'm so very excited about this: USDA announces new school lunch guidelines  -- so many kids eat two meals and two snacks a day outside of their home -- let's make it as nutritious as we can and teach these little ones a healthier way to eat

i'm also so very excited to try this recipe:  sweet potato and black bean enchiladas

don't they look delicious?

have i told you how completely obsessed i am with sweet potatoes and yams
i am pretty sure that if i don't have at least one every week i will go through withdrawals. 
i bake or roast them, throw them in whatever soup i am making -- today i ate one with quinoa and broccoli.  now i am excited to try them with my favorite beans and tortillas -- it might be epic.

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tomorrow's friday!  everyone do the chicken dance to show how excited they are :)!!

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