two for tuesday

1 -- something i don't love love love even though i know it is good good good -- helping my body along by learning to sleep on my back and to use my laptop at a table

2 -- something i love love love and i know it is good good good - my husband and my lulu
photo taken by kimberly miner

this last week was a trifle trying -- not that i don't love looking on the bright side and smelling the roses -- but sometimes i have to work a little harder for that happy positivity -- like this last weekish... every now and again i tend to go through a few days or so where i just can't shut my mind off and it isn't a good time.  nothing like trying to control all the uncontrollable in life -- but -- no matter how i feel, i always know i can count on jon and lulu to make me smile -- along with a lot of other people too -- but today i am thankful for my little family of jon, lulu, and i -- especially as i look at this picture and know how beautiful and blessed my life is.  i could not ask for more than i already have.  

and -- as this seems to be the week of the classics -- it's seems appropriate to mention that when i'm worried (which i am too much of the time )  and i can't sleep (which happens a lot when i can't shut my brain down) i do (i really really do) count my blessings (there are many to choose from) instead of sheep (usually it's my to-do list...)  --- i highly recommend it -- here's a little music to help you along... (turn off the music in the sidebar before you press play :) )


  1. As usual, love your blog. so real.
    i love smoothies. i purchase the bags of single serve pre-mixed fruits from Costco for my boys to have after school for a snack. I also bought the two single serving blender contraption, so each boy can put his fruit and milk in their own container, hit the buzz button and Wah Lah, a healthy treat/snack. I'm not sure they would go for the green smoothies, but i know i would love them! i really enjoy the OddWalla green tea smoothie.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. I have always loved "White Christmas" and that is one of my favorite songs from it. Thanks for the reminder. Counting my blessings is something I am needing to do right now. Miss you both.