today is brought to you by the letters: b-f-f

this is my beautiful bff (best friend forever don't-cha know)

she's pretty darn cool.  she likes to meander in stores with me and look at holiday goodness -- to cook dinner with me and try new recipes -- to watch epic movies in the winter and bike ride in the summer.  she helps me to remember to take my vitamins, wash my face and eat my vegetables on a consistent basis (because she does all those things on a very consistent basis).  she allows me to be more honest with her than i'd ever really want to because she knows me well enough to understand what i'm saying and read between the lines for what i'm not.  she helps me take copious amounts of pictures of whatever we we are doing and makes appropriate "wide eyes" when i am telling her my crazy stories.  there's a lot more - i could go on and on --- and on some more -- cause we've been bff's since we were eight, which was like 20 years ago...  

this is us now

looking forward to our next twenty years

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  1. Wow, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You girls are gorgeous.