and so it begins

we made it -- 16 hours in the car and all is well in our little summer-time world
once again we rolled in with the rain --
 (as the costco gas attendant said - you must always come in june -- yes, yes i do)
some light rain showers + some i-can't-see-the-road-but-the-wipers-are-as-high-as-they-go showers
...and don't forget the 360-degree lightening storms--which to quote arline
 "Fireworks, celebrating your arrival?"  
-- yes - let's just think of it that way

a few snapshots of the back seat 
lulu loves katie + katie loves lulu

today i worked on cleaning the trailer + went to town with jon
a few lovely surprises:
  •  the grocery store had sweet peppers -- the little mini kinds in the bag at not a ridiculous price and also they carry the betty crocker gluten free baking mixes -- at maybe a ridiculous price but exciting for us to have close at hand
  • delicious tomato soup from a local cafe (can you say cream?) - excellent with grilled cheese and carrot sticks -- maybe jon might have bought a slice of fresh strawberry rhubarb pie too...which him drowned in half+half before eating it all up
  • these cutie-pie fluff balls were at the local supply store --- so cute --- i also found something else that was beyond exciting for me - but i'm not going to share that until tomorrow - stay tuned..

melissa - i immediately thought of you...

our day has been good
how was yours?

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