the kitchen sink

all you need is a dirty kitchen sink (or a whole kitchen) + sponge + a bottle of soft scrub

it's like a therapy session.  for free.

i clean when i have angst in my life -- or when i feel that way --  or at least i used to before i found some roommates -- now i talk to them about it all -- now after reading this they are going to be handing me a sponge and a bottle of soft scrub...shoot.

when you clean you start with something that is usually kind of yucky and and end up with something that is usually kind of not yucky.  and maybe shiny.  and smelling of soft scrub.  --have i mentioned my love affair with soft scrub yet?  it is long lasting and never ending --

today -- today -- well, today was a good day.  everyday that i'm alive is a good day.  but today was also a little obnoxious in a lot of small, intermittent ways.

this evening consisted of complaining about it (sometimes i say telling stories about it or venting -- but tonight was just plain complaining because i was mostly all over it but just wanted to complain about it anyways in an annoyed and sometimes exclamatory way -- that is a main point in the differences between telling a story and complaining) -- kim very nicely listened to me.   she doesn't say much.   she rarely complains.  i tell her it is good that i love her so much.  tonight i told her at least i wasn't complaining about her -- she agreed.

this brings me back to the kitchen sink.  i complained too much tonight (and maybe some other nights in the more recent future)... shoot.

kitchen sink think.  free therapy while scrubbing the sink (counters+cupboards+stove)

unfortunately, it's not a brand new think.  i wish i could say that i was a more perfect and uncomplaining person --- i blame it on being an almost only child for the first part of my life and on my grandma spoiling me (that doesn't really count as a good excuse does it...)  i don't think that i am the person who complains the most -- but if i am the one who complains the most in my house what does that mean...shoot.  does it make a difference that everyone else just says it in their head and i just say it out loud? ...shoot.

our kitchen sink is going to be the shiniest one in the neighborhood.

p.s.  didn't you know that i plan all my character building just in time for spring cleaning?

p.s.s. i do reserve the right to point out that daily end of the year program practice with kiddos --who have spring fever, raging hormones, and less than a double digit number of days before summer vacation  -- is enough to make anyone just a little bit crazy

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