graduation - part I

our little nephew, nikolas - all grown up...

friday night program -- proud families documenting their graduates

our family

a good looking bunch 

nik, jon, and i

we are so proud of this boy -- he surprised us all and got himself baptized on sabbath.  it was lovely and we cried some tears - it is amazing and awe-inspiring when you can see the power of prayer and the love of God working

right now: 
i probably should be packing - or at least that is what jon thinks i should be doing...
i think i am in avoidance of montana storms and i just don't know how much longer i can hold out -- probably til monday and that might be it...  hmm...

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  1. So excited for Nik and feeling very old that he has graduated from high school! I cannot believe how much he and Jon look alike. =) Have a safe trip to Montana and we'll miss you this weekend at Sarah's graduation!