friday! -- the one where my summer began...

today was my last day at work for awhile - it was almost my last day at work ever -- but then i last month we (jon+i) decided it wasn't and so back again in the fall i'll go -- why oh why - well here is what my last week at work looked like:

-rainy day monday movie - coloring included
- watermelon day + sunflower seed spitting and rolling in the field
- pink lemonade + paper puppets + a few minutes of pixar short films
- sandwich + ice cream cones on the playground - play outside all day
- picnic in the field 

i know you're jealous - everyone should have my job - with the requirement of you can happily survive having your name (or teacher teacher) called every 15 seconds by multiple children, don't mind having boogers picked and wiped on your sweater or coughing in your face, and can productively, creatively and kindly (at least most of the time) break up sharing, pushing, and "so-and-so said they aren't my friend" disputes while teaching social skills and loving your friend...  to which you will be richly rewarded with the funniest comments you've ever heard and the sweetest smiles you'll ever see.  it really is the best job ever  -- the one that i am finished with for a few months -- now to put on my other career hat -- to which i need to find a creative name for besides cook, trailer-keeper, errand runner, dog catcher (well- one that also includes hulu-watcher, blog-reader, bookworm, scrapbooker) -- hello it's montana time.

our pacific northwest sky was trying to confuse me the other night with a montana-style sky

 this is one of the things i've been doing instead of packing

 but today, as my summer officially began, i decided i'd better hop to it -- so i made my list -- see....
and i completed much of it with about 3.5 hours of errands

now that all but three of the errands are done, i just have to pack it up - and that is another list that is even longer than this one.  significantly.

but for right now-- it's my time.
as in mY time.
the time where i get to do whatever i want.
wHateVer i want.
are you scared?
you shouldn't be -- don't you know how responsible i am?

all i want to do is eat my Cars shaped mac and cheese and read a book .
that's it.

that's what i am going to do right now.  
as soon as i hit the "publish" button

p.s.  did you know that before tonight i never knew photo booth had this feature...

shows you how much i've toodled around with it -- but nOW i know -- beware...

the other sign my summer has begun - the weather channel is an online favorite - tonight i read that 
it really should be summer now - for reals - "la nina's reign is over" -- which gives me a little more hope that i might have a few less tornado warnings this year -- which would be good -- did i mention i dreamed about tornados again last night - second time - survived both times. this time with a sturdy piece of cardboard, a pair of hand cuffs and metal hand rail -- i woke up thinking that it was just a little too final scene of twister-ish  - and also wondering where my brain comes up with this stuff 
-- maybe i was a police officer in my other life -- 

--ok you can stop laughing now--


on a more serious note -- it isn't as expensive (a relative term i know - but i was thinking like a really big number) to have a safe room or storm cellar as you might think -- i checked --  if you want to check you can go here:    FEMA: Safe Rooms or High Wind Safe Rooms


  1. Love your post! Hope you have fun in Montana!

  2. Have a great time in Montana; be safe and enjoy your summer!! It was wonderful to see you this weekend and tell everyone we said hello and love you all. =)