monday night tacos

any evening that has tacos in it is going to be good.  
these hit the spot last night.  a nice break between work sessions -- right now the boys are working most nights moving the bees to various locations...they come home and eat + relax for a couple hours and then go out for a few more hours of work -- 
yummy grub usually means happy attitudes - which is good as michael got soaked by a torrential downpour  at the first stop of the night and jon had to use his mad driving skills later that evening to keep them from sliding into the ditch -- yes, in case you were wondering...it's been a little wet around these parts lately.  one storm after another.  but we aren't complaining.  nope.  not when you look at the radar and see the crazy business happening a few miles east of us and in the midwest and south.  nope.  no complaints here about the weather... at least for today.  

so back to taco night...

i love these two more than they love tacos and salsa - and that's a lot

we've just about made it through our first week of family dinners --- jon and i talked about it last week and made a commitment to dinner at the table (no t.v. or phones or laptops) this summer.  we haven't told these two kiddos, but i think they might have caught on.  no complaints yet.  

and our dessert...

pre-storm clouds + sunset light

right now:
today is supposed to be the day.  the day that i read my book.  the book that i've had since november and have been saving and saving and saving for just the right day to read it -- today is supposed to be that day.  but it's noon already and i haven't read a page.

instead i have been doing dishes, playing with pictures on my computer and absently watching "princess protection program" (an original disney movie of course) and "alice in wonderland"...

-- kate just came in and made a grilled cheese sandwich - it smells delicious.  i might not be able to resist...that's right - this summer i might be living off of pb+j's, grilled cheese, and tacos of course!

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