pretend it's still sunday...

because that is when i was supposed to post this -- however, i was nicely sharing the computer with my brother, who really needed to maintain his civilization  -- and i went to sleep before he was finished.

so. this morning is still sunday.

happy fathers day!!   

did it work?  

(probably not because you are most likely at work or some form of it and it is difficult to pretend it's still sunday when you are having to be amazingly productive)

this is my dad and i:

i like him quite a bit.  i could write and write about all the wonderful things he has done for me and how much he loves me but i would start with the tears and then i'd never get this posted.  so -- i will just say.  

this is my dad.
i love him bunches.
i love that i could see how proud he was of me when he handed me my diploma.
i love that he walked me down the aisle and "gave me away"the day i married jon.
i love that he used to let me play multiple rounds of dutch blitz when i was young to see if i could get myself "ungrounded" by winning.
i love that we can go walking in the mornings and i can learn about his busy life.
yep.  i love him bunches.

this is my papa joe (aka my father-in-law):

i'm not sure when or why i started calling him that -- but it seems to be sticking.
papa joe's been in my life since 1999.
i can count on him to make sure that all situations are under control if jon is gone.
i can count on him to make sure that i get a picture of all important food moments for the scrapbook.
he is often one of my road trip traveling buddy -- i think he is even getting used to all the stops i have to make (like trader joe's in bend, starbucks, and a few others)
he is kind and generous and took me to disneyworld-- for which i am very appreciative (if you know how much i love disney you will know how big that "very" is) 
he makes my life better in lots of little ways and big ones too.
love you papa joe!

a little bit ago:

lulu ate jon's pb&j sandwich this morning - baggie and all...  i'm not sure if this is a sign of how the rest of the day is going to go or not -- 

--- ok --- 

i now give it permission to be monday
--as long as lulu doesn't start the day by eating any more sandwiches--

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