may merriment

just a select few from a month that flew by so fast i can hardly remember what happened...good thing i have pictures to remind me ---

melissa graduated -- she's going to be the best nurse practitioner ever
kim and i bought cupcakes from cupcake jones to celebrate the occasion--
one of each kind of course

it's beginning to feel a little like summer - sandals and starbucks frosty frappuccino goodness

 a girl weekend with my favorite kellie and alecia - insane amounts of fro yo and non-stop chatting -- literally -- i think it was like 8 hours before we slowed down.


starbucks - quality "alone" time --  i should make this a regular on the calendar this fall

so many things to do - jon calls me to see if i am packing every five minutes (well, not quite, but close-- actually his last call was to tell me that i didn't fill out the address on my latest online order - but he took care of it -- what a good husband)

last night i came home and put the packages on the table, ate copious amounts of chips and salsa, and sat in my comfy chair.  it was good.  i think the dishes might be getting stinky in the sink though -- i should probably do them tonight.  along with pack.  which means i'd better make a list.  
i'll get right on that...

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