four things. -- the last is the best one --

-- i have forgotten sandwich bags twice now - both times they were on my grocery list -- excellent

-- this morning i came into the trailer to find jon with the covers over his head...hiding the fact that lulu was snuggled up next to him

--last night i had my first alerts with my weather radio.  two tidbits about that -- first.  it's quite neat.  second.  it's quite loud.

  • a big thank you to my very tired husband and father-in-law who traipsed down to the corner bar with me to wait out the storm with a basket of shoestring french fries, ketchup+ranch -- p.s.  there is no other ranch like montana ranch -- i don't know where they get the stuff, but it's ridiculously good.  a close second to my mother-in-law's homemade goodness which is beyond amazing.

 -- the highlight of today:
this little poochie -- the one who we all were feeling sorry for because her eye is just a little bit swollen-- this little poochie -- the one we were all chuckling about because she is spoiled and gets to hide underneath the bedcovers -- 
yep this same little poochie -- the one who you can smell her stinky a mile away now -- 
this little poochie -- the one who visited the neighbors' field and rolled in the manure -- 
yes this little poochie -- wagged her tail all the way home...

covered in horse poop

precious one?

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