graduation - part II

first of all, i know you are wondering where graduation part I is -- well, you might be crazy, or more likely it would be that i haven't posted it yet -- but i will.  pinky promise.  soon.

this was a few days ago ---

the whole family 
-jordan, i have no idea what you are doing in this picture, or in half of the other ones we took-

after graduation we had a lunch for friends and family - i think our count was somewhere in the 35 zone
good to know how many people you can fit in your house -- mine doesn't quite fit that many (well unless we are all getting really cozy) -- but thanks to nice weather and a porch we did quite well

haystacks, of course

the boys took over the porch

i have more pictures - actually between the past two weekends i have about 1,250 more pictures - that's what happens when you shoot in multiples and lots of them - these are just the "in short" choices

it was a good good weekend - this boy worked hard this year and i am proud -- he took his gpa from a ridiculously low slacker level to a 4.0... 
i always knew he had it in him and am thankful he finally pulled it out.  

in other news:  
this weekend we were all broken - saturday jon woke up with an extremely sore neck and back, lulu blistered her paws and was completely lame, and my hip popped (or pulled a muscle) and i wasn't enjoying walking much from evening on -- we just had to chuckle about it.  

update:  jon had a massage that put him almost back to rights, and me a tiny massage, that combined with pain killer and rest has almost put me back to rights, and lulu went to the vet on monday and has pain killer, bandages, and ointment and is getting back to right.

right now:  watching pirates of the caribbean: dead mans chest 

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