- we took trip to walmart  -- yes, back here traveling to walmart takes about ninety minutes vs. three...
- i bought plants to attempt a garden (let's cross our fingers the weather loves us this year)
- there was a giant lightening show -- it never ceases to amaze me how you can literally see storms 100 miles away like they were just down the road from you -- we caught the edge of it, and the guys were out working in it...
- jon came home at 3am with a tick crawling up his arm (yesterday mike picked one off of his neck).  we all went to sleep a little paranoid.

bringing home a new laundry room door 

- library visit.  love. love. love this library + i came home with a borrowed puzzle to do over the weekend.
- jon pulled a tick out of lulu's ear at lunch time.  we are not excited.  it is crazy tick invasion this year.  i am hoping that they all sizzle in the next week or two
- looks like we are going to have another "light show" in the next hour to go along with dinner...which...
-i have no idea what i am going to fix for dinner - which means i'd better post this and hop to it before the hungry ones invade.
oh the things one can do with a tractor -- as seen this afternoon

have weekending!

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