tuesday -- the day i got my...

lulu just wasn't sure she wanted to face the day yesterday...or she just remembered how much fun it is to lay around all day in the truck and decided to try it out in the trailer -- she stayed there until afternoon when she decided she might be a little bit hungry...

she went out with jon last night while he was moving bees
 had a great time, minus a couple stings--one of them was above her eye
she has a little swelling, but she's a pro beekeeping-pooch and is ready for the next night-time venture

a reminder of all of our wet weather - muddy-ish trucks  
but not anymore - because they had a nice wash today - 

the boys filling totes with delicious sweet food for the bees 
it's been so cold, wet, and rainy that they aren't able to find enough to eat yet

and last, but definitely not least...

yesterday we picked up this fabulous little thing

happiness is me.
i have turned it on today just for the joy of knowing i have it.
hello weather radio - we are friends.

we are now tuned in (with battery back-up) to weather alerts
think: tornado watches + warning
the ones that come in the middle of the night when you aren't looking at the weather channel
don't get me wrong -- i don't think this little device is my saving grace -- but it definitely could be helpful

or obnoxious if it wakes me up in the middle of the night for a non-life-threatening alert...
happy. happy. joy. joy.

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